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Вторник, 18 Декабрь 2018
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Military action on Stalin Line museum May 6th 2007 - Part I
ИКК Линия Сталина 6 мая 2007г
Военная реконструкция на ИКК Линия Сталина 6 мая 2007г. Автор: Томаш Каменский (Чехия, Прага)
Случайная фотография из Галереи:

Small bastion
Малый пониженый бастион
Малый пониженый бастион для защиты горжевого вала. На фото: внешний вид с боковой стороны. Автор: В. Тадра, май 2008г.

Наши партнеры:

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This project was created and developed only because of effort and contribution of Belarusian fortification amateurs’ team:

  • Eugeny Hitriak, (Minsk, Belarus) – collecting and preparation materials for publishing on our website
  • Ivan Volkow, (Minsk, Belarus) – drawings, collecting materials for publishing on our website
  • Alexandr Bazarnov (Minsk, Belarus) – photos, maps, drawings related to fortifications
  • Vladimir Kaminsky (Borisov, Belarus) – articles, photos, documents related to Soviet fortifications
  • Vladimir Komissarov (Polotsk, Belarus) – collection of materials about Polotsk Fortified Region
  • Serguej Pivovarchik (Grodno, Belarus)  – collection of materials about Grodno Fortified Region and Russian Fortresses
  • Wladimir Bogdanow(Minsk, Belarus)  – Information related to History of WWI.
  • Aleksey Drupov (Minsk, Belarus)  – Information related to German's fortifications of WWII
  • Reasearch group “Nettle” (Vadim Shoroch, Vitaly Borisov – Brest Belarus) – collection of materials related to Brest Fortified Region
  • Valery Tadra – development of website, administration, photos.
 We are invited all people who interested in theme of Belarusian fortification join to our team!